Dainty Jewelry for Dainty Prices: Affordable Alternatives for Sachi Jewelry

Everyone loves Sachi Jewelry, but why pay $300 for a ring that you can get for $20? These Jeweliq and Baublebar pieces come in the same styles, but for a tenth of the price.Diamond Lariat- Sachi Jewelry ($541)

Diamond Lariat- Sachi $541

Triangle Pull Through Bar Pendant- Jeweliq ($25)

Triangle Pull Through Bar Pendant- Jewliq $25

Triangle Stud and Spike Jacket- Sachi Jewelry ($301)Triangle Stud and Spike Jacket- Sachi Jewelry $301

Jagger Ear Jacket- Jeweliq ($22)

Jagger Ear Jacket- Jeweliq $22

Micro Bar Necklace- Sachi Jewelry ($335)

Micro Bar Necklace- S $335

Brushed Bar Pendant- Jeweliq ($22)

Brushed Bar Pendant- J $22

Spike Cuff- Sachi Jewelry ($596)

Spike Cuff- Sachi Jewelry $596

Double Spike Cuff- Jewelry ($27)

Double Spike Cuff-Jeweliq $27

Vertical Bar Necklace- Sachi Jewelry ($544)

Vertical Bar Necklace- S $544

Pave Long Bar Pendant- Jeweliq ($22)

Pave Long Bar Pendant- J $22

H-Ring- Sachi Jewelry ($658)

H-Ring- S $658

Roman Midi Ring- Jeweliq ($17)

Roman Midi Ring- J $17

Long Horn Necklace- Sachi Jewelry ($770)

Long Horn Necklace- S $770

Long Fang Pendant- Babublebar ($34)

Long Fang Pendant- Baublebar $34

Spear Ring- Sachi Jewelry ($305)

Spear Ring- S $305

Brushed Blade Band- Jeweliq ($20)

Brushed Blade Band- J $20

Double Bar Lariat- Sachi Jewelry ($761)

Double Bar Lariat- S $761

Solid Bar Y-Chain- Baublebar ($44)

Solid Bar Y-Chain- Baublebar $44

Chained Ring- Sachi Jewelry ($606)

Chained Ring- S $606

Shackles Ring- Jeweliq ($25)

Shackles Ring- J $25

Constellation Ear Crawler- Sachi Jewelry ($535)

Constellation Ear Crawler- S $535

Draco Ear Crawler- Baublebar ($32)

Draco Ear Crawler-Bb $32

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