#ArtsyFartsy: Gray Malin Feature

A fine-art photographer brings a unique edge pictures. These photos are far from the normal two dimensional pieces on your wall. Each image is brought to life.

Hot Pink Haven- Poolside, Mediterranean Collection ($249)
White Willow Triptych- Mirage Collection ($1450)

Beach Ball Iceberg Horizontal- Antarctica Collection ($849)    

XO Floating Away- Balloons From Around The World Collection ($199)

Dream- Dream Series ($349)
Mirage- Mirage Collection ($499)  
Drifting Away- Poolside, Mediterranean Collection ($249)
Dawn- Prada Marfa Collection ($199) 

Llamas Black and White Balloons- Far Far Away Collection ($1999)

Top of Snowmass Diptych- A La Montagne Collection ($499)

Hitchhiker- Prada Marfa Collection ($199)

White Sheet- Far Far Away Collection ($349)

Double Rainbow- Dream Series ($349)

All photos from the photographer’s website: graymalin.com

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