A Tasty Adventure

You can’t go to Ruggles Green without indulging a bit… 

No, I didn’t eat this all by myself, but 3/4 of this delicious two course meal ended up in my stomach. For an appetizer, I had mini crab cakes with bell pepper, onion, and garlic over a roasted creamy tomato sauce topped with queso fresco and fresh cilantro. As if this delicious dish didn’t fulfill my appetite, I went on to the main course: quinoa macaroni and cheese. This dish consisted of quinoa elbow pasta covered in mozzarella, parmesan, and sharp cheddar cheese topped with fresh basil and micro greens. This healthy alternative to the American comfort food staple did not leave me wanting.


Mini Crab Cakes $13.99

Quinoa Mac & Cheese $9.99

Attached is a link to the Ruggles Green menu. I recommend the Spicy Shrimp Tacos, as well. The Hawaiian BarBQ Pizza is next on my list.

(I recommend sharing because the proportions are fairly large.)

Ruggles Green Menu

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